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Swansea Imports Ltd



27 August 2003



RE: Carver Cascade Rapide Water Storage Heater



Dear Mr Thomas,


Following your instruction, the appliance you supplied to us, marked as detailed below, has been tested to Clause 5.23 “Resistance to Wind” of BS EN 624:2000 (Room sealed LPG space heating equipment for installation in vehicles and boats)


Carver Technology Ltd

Cascade Rapide GE (9 Litre)

GS111473 …2000

CE 0086/AP/050

I3+ & I3B/P


                 When the appliance was subjected to a horizontal wind front of 10 m/s, head on, the CO in the dry air free products (DAF) of combustion exceeded the limit of 0.2%, the actual DAF CO measured was in excess of 3.2%


In our opinion, therefore, this appliance did not meet Essential Requirement 3.4.1 of the Gas Appliances (Safety) Regulations 1995 which states “Appliances must be so constructed that when used normally, flame stability is assured and combustion products do not contain unacceptable concentrations of substances harmful to health”.


However, when this appliance was subsequently tested with a re-designed flue terminal supplied by Swansea Imports, the sample complied with the “Resistance to Wind” requirements of BS EN 624:2000 and, therefore, essential requirement 3.4.1 of the Gas Appliances (Safety) Regulations 1995.


Yours Sincerely,


Graham McKay

Manager, Certification Services

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